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Background of Creative Group of Nepal, Rautahat

Creative group of Nepal (CGON) is a non governmental organization established in Rautahat in 2062 with the Registration Number 925 dated 2062/07/27. The organization is also affiliated with social welfare council Kathmandu. It was established with a view to work in different types of social services in different communities, Since the time of its establishment.

It has been working in the field of social mobilizing , women empowerment ,rural water and sanitation ,RTI ,and active in anti corruption movement etc with the true spirit of humanity service. It gives high priority to the service of people fro Dalit, Janjati, Muslim and other scheduled caste communities and people who are under poverty line and who are socially marginalized. This NGO is situated in Bhalohiya VDC in constituency No. 1 of Rautahat district.


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Creative Group Of Nepal (CGON)

Bhalohiya-06,Rautahat, Nepal,
Contact Office: Gaur-05, Rautahat
Contact: 977-55-521528 / Fax: 977-55-521465
URL: http://www.cgonepal.org.np,
Email: cgonrautahat@gmail.com

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