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Organizational Structure

CGON is a volunteer-based organization with members representing a cross-section of the Nepalese society. It operates with an Executive Committee and a Secretariat working closely to execute organizational policies and programs. The Executive Committee (EC) is elected by the General Assembly (GA) of the organization which meets annually. Election of the  EC members is held once in every three years. EC produces organizational policies, presents annual progress and financial reports to the GA for approval.

The main governing bodies of CGON are: General Assembly (GB), Executive Committee (EC), and the Secretariat.

The General Body (GB)

The GB is the supreme governing body of Creative Group Of Nepal. It comprises of individual and institutional CGON members. It meets once a year during the Annual General Meetings (AGM). The GB elects President,Vice President,Secretary,Joint Secretary,Treasurer and 2 executive members who constitute the Executive Committee (EC). The GB provides instructions to the EC on policy matters. It approves Annual and Financial Reports of the organization and appoints external auditor. Special GB meeting can be called in special circumstances.

Executive Committee (EC)

The EC comprises of 7 members who are elected by the AGM for three- years. EC is responsible to the GB. EC issues policy guidelines, formulates/ executes action plans and monitors plans/programs. EC may form sub-committees to carry out specific activities. It formulates organizational rules and regulations. It can appoint office chief and other staff. EC Portfolio holders (President, VP, SC and Treasurer) may, in special cases, delegate their authority to other office bearer or office chief to carry out organizational work. President is responsible to the GB and EC. President leads the organization and provides guidance in formulating policies and programs of the organization. Vice President assists the President and performs the role of President in his/her absence. Secretary  works in consultation with the President in implementing plans, programs, rules and working procedures approved by the EC. SC oversees day-to-day activities and functions of the organization. SG prepares Annual Progress Report and presents it to the GB. Treasurer is the financial controller and resource mobilizer of the organization. Treasurer facilitates budget preparation, maintenance of the books of accounts and external audit. Treasurer presents Annual Financial Report to the GB.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat led by the Executive Director (ED), is responsible to implement organizational plans and programs approved by the EC. It coordinates with state and civil society organizations. The ED is the office chief responsible for day-to-day administration and management of CGON. In consultation with the President and SC, ED executes CGON plans, programs, activities and projects approved by the EC.

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