Pro-Active Disclosures - Events Financial Summary

FY 2071/072 (Completed)

S. NoProgram NameProgram CostFunding AgencyAgreement AmountNGO Contribution
1National Information Day1,50,5001.             DDC Rautahat1,03,000 
2.             Office Of Gaur Municipality25,000
3.             CCRT Kathmandu22,500
2International Right to Know Day29,800CCRI Kathmandu29,8000
3Anti Corruption Day1,00,000DDC Rautahat1,00,0000
4Polutry Farming Training50,000Vocational & Skill Development Training Center Rajpur Farahdwa, Rautahat50,0000
5Friendly Cricket Tournament for Good Governance6,20,4101.      DDC Rautahat2,00,00045,410
2.      Office of Gaur Municipality1,25,000
3.      Office of Garuda Municipality2,50,000
6Good Governance 1 Day Training to VDC Secretary1,50,000DDC Rautahat1,50,000 
7Right to Information Radio Program50,000DDC Rautahat50,0000
8RTI Training to Student4,43,8811.      DDC Rautahat2,00,00043,881
2.      Office of Garuda Municipality2,00,000
9Literacy Program1,71,682.80District Education Office Rautahat1,71,682.800
10Journalist with Public2700WSSDO Rautahat1,32,743.360

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