President Message

Nishanta Kumar Jha

Creative Group Of Nepal , a non governmental non profit organization, has been established to carry out different activities focusing on the wGood Governance and promoting RTI Act through out Rautahat District.

Information Officer

Ranjita Jha 

Program Officer
Tel: 055-521565
Mobile: 9802796989

Background of Creative Group of Nepal, Rautahat

Creative group of Nepal (CGON) is a non governmental organization established in Rautahat in 2062 with the Registration Number 925 dated 2062/07/27. The organization is also affiliated with social welfare council Kathmandu. It was established with a view to work in different types of social services in different communities, Since the time of its establishment.

Our Projects

Building National Integrity in Nepal (BNIN)

Creative Group of Nepal, Rautahat signed an agreement with the TI Nepal Kathmandu on 3 November 2014 for a new project titled ‘Building National Integrity in Nepal (BNIN)’.

Case Study / Success Story



About Us

Our Projects

CGON Activites

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Case Study / Success Story

Creative Group Of Nepal (CGON)

Bhalohiya-06,Rautahat, Nepal,
Contact Office: Gaur-05, Rautahat
Contact: 977-55-521528 / Fax: 977-55-521465

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